WeBossa Reimagines Terra's Five Park Sales Gallery

November 2023

Renowned Brazilian designer Soraya Pastor, founder of design and architecture firm We Bossa, has been handpicked by Five Park Miami Beach to reimagine the experience within the sales gallery of Miami Beach’s newest luxury tower, nestled at 600 Alton Road. Known for her ability to craft spaces that foster connection and weave captivating narratives, Soraya's multidisciplinary firm specializes in crafting elevated residences and intimate boutique hospitality projects. With an extensive portfolio boasting commercial and residential projects in both Brazil and the U.S., Soraya brought her visionary talent to the forefront once again, enlisting the expertise of two Brazilian powerhouses, Ornare and Artefacto, to transform the gallery.

We Bossa's vision for this project was clear: to fashion an elevated living experience that engages the senses with a timeless and serene design, allowing visitors to envision a life that fully embraces the essence of the vibrant Miami Beach identity. As visitors step into the gallery, they find themselves immersed in a seamless fusion of indoor and outdoor spaces that represent modern and versatile living. The interiors, replete with natural lighting, create an atmosphere of spaciousness and airiness that takes cues from the tower’s residences designed by Anda Andrei and Gabellini Shepard. To complement these features, We Bossa meticulously integrates natural materials, handpicking high-end furniture from Artefacto and employing the masterful craftsmanship of Ornare for custom millwork.

In crafting the signature aesthetic and experience of Five Park’s sales gallery, material selection played a pivotal role. We Bossa’s discerning eye guided them towards the use of natural materials such as wood, marble, and leather to emanate a sense of timeless quality. These carefully chosen elements elevate the space’s ambiance, immersing potential buyers in a sensory journey where they can experience the captivating textures firsthand.

We Bossa enlisted the creative brilliance of renowned artists André Poli and Alessandra Meskita. These masters of their craft were commissioned to craft bespoke artworks and elements, instilling an even greater sense of artistry and individuality.

Drawing inspiration from Miami's vibrant and diverse population, the design echoes a timeless and modern aesthetic that resonates with a wide range of tastes. Striking the perfect balance between sophistication and warmth, the gallery welcomes visitors into an inviting environment that evokes the unmistakable feeling of arriving home—a sanctuary of comfort and style.

The sales gallery at Five Park offers a glimpse into the unparalleled lifestyle that potential buyers can embrace within their future residences. Combining elements of luxury, elegance, and comfort, the design mirrors the very spirit of Miami Beach itself. It stands as a canvas upon which buyers can envision their own personal elevated living experience.