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Resilient New Park at 600 Alton Road Now Open

June 2022

The city’s newest amenity features a 25,000-gallon underground cistern to collect rainwater

 The City of Miami Beach welcomed a sprawling 3-acre resilient park at 600 Alton Rd on Monday, May 16. This important addition is set to transform the South Beach experience and connect neighboring communities in a way that’s never been done before.

“Instead of a massive wall of rental units, we now have this exquisite greenspace in a neighborhood where no one has a backyard,” said City of Miami Beach Mayor Dan Gelber. “This park will quickly become a welcomed amenity for nearby residents and a favorite gathering spot for our entire community.”

As part of the ribbon cutting celebration, attendees had the opportunity to explore all the park has to offer, including an outdoor gym, dog park, public art sculpture by Miami-based artist Mark Handforth and a whimsical playground designed by MONSTRUM. Additionally, guests marveled at the park’s lush landscaping, canopies of native and exotic trees and hundreds of vibrant orchids planted as part of The One Million Orchid Project in partnership with the National Orchid Garden and Fairchild Tropical Botanic Garden. Once visitors had thoroughly explored the amenity, they enjoyed light bites from Bodega, a sweet treat from Santos Churros as well as local, organic dog treats from Bowie Bites for their four-legged friends.

Aside from being a central gathering space, the yet-to-be named park at 600 Alton Rd. addresses a variety of sustainability issues on Miami Beach. With nearly 40 different plant and tree species throughout, the park plays an important environmental role to balance ecosystems, mitigate soil erosion, decrease urban heating effects, provide habitats for threatened animals and protect watersheds from destructive floods with a newly built bioswale.

The park was developed by TCH 500 Alton, LLC, a partnership between two of Miami Beach’s deepest-rooted real estate developers: David Martin and Russell Galbut. The development team, which is also behind the neighboring Five Park residential tower, constructed and donated the park to the City of Miami Beach’s Parks & Recreation Department as a gift to the community’s residents and visitors.

“The park will be a gateway for the City of Miami Beach, a destination for visitors, and an everyday amenity for residents, so we’ve taken the time to assemble a team of visionaries who have led some of the most transformational projects in the world,” said developer Russell Galbut of TCH 500 Alton, LLC. “We’ve created a vibrant community asset that brings people together while providing a design experience that rivals public spaces in the world’s greatest cities.”

“The park was designed with beautiful aesthetics in mind but also serves a broader environmental purpose,” said developer David Martin of TCH 500 Alton, LLC. “Its innovative sustainability and resiliency attributes will benefit not only the future residents of the adjacent Five Park tower, but also the entire surrounding neighborhood.”